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Write-Offs: 03.08.10

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$$$ Life After Porn: The Retirement Challenge [CNBC]

$$$Tim Geithner: "“Why do policymakers screw up financial crises?” he said before I left his office. “They screw up financial crises because the politics are horrible, and that deters action. They are slow and late and tentative and weak because they are scared to death of the politics. But sometimes a policymaker has to say, I’ll take pain now against pain later.” [New Yorker via NYM]

$$$The $6200 Insult: How Chase Manhattan Convinced Me to Finally Move My Money [HuffPo]

$$$Caeser’s wants to give you a free buy-in/room for next weekend’s poker tournament. Winner will be picked tomorrow! [DB]

$$$ Papaconstantinou Says Greece `Taking the Right Measures' [Bloomberg]