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A British Reporter Gets Nada from Lloyd

Here's The Guardian's Andrew Clark on a peculiar encounter with Lloyd Blankfein at Obama's speech today. Gary Cohn was more forthcoming.

From The Guardian:

"Mr Blankfein, I'm Andrew Clark from The Guardian," I said. "What did you think of the speech?"

Without a flicker of acknowledgement, Blankfein, 55, stared ahead and continued walking.

Walking alongside him, I asked: "Mr Blankfein, has your company done anything wrong?"

The Goldman boss was having none of it, striding onward without a sound. I tried again: "Mr Blankfein, what do you think of the SEC's charges against your company?"

Still no response.

Rather awkwardly, given the lack of small talk, we both then got trapped in a crowded stairwell for a good three minutes while waiting for the Secret Service to allow guests to leave Cooper Union. Although we were less than three feet apart, the Goldman boss, who got a $9m bonus last year, maintained his adamant silence, except to warn a photographer taking his picture from above: "Don't hurt yourself."


WSJ Columnist Joins Chorus of Pundits Calling for Lloyd’s Head

Echoing some other pundits out there, Wall Street Journal columnist David Weidner has now joined the crowd calling for Lloyd Blankfein to resign from Goldman.

Panel to Lloyd: Don't Try to Screw With Us

It’s fair to say that members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission is pissed as hell at what it thinks are efforts by Goldman Sachs to ride out their investigation. The commission’s chairman, Phil Angelides, blasted Goldman on a conference call with the media today, after announcing the panel sent the firm a subpoena for specific documents and emails.

Take That Lloyd: JPM Traders also Had a Perfect Quarter

Goldman Sachs traders aren’t the only ones on Wall Street to make money on every single trading day last quarter. JPMorgan had average daily trading revenue of $118 million for the quarter and never ended a day with a net loss, according to a filing on Monday.