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Al Sharpton Impressed By Lloyd Blankfein's Humble Upbringing

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It's a pretty well-known fact that Lloyd Blankfein, unlike some of his other colleagues on the Wall Street, was not born a little rich boy. Because before he knew Street life, LB knew street life, lower-case 's,' having grown up in the projects in Brooklyn. Apparently Al Sharpton was not aware of Lloyd's bio, which is why when he saw the Goldman CEO at Obama's speech yesterday, he smirked to himself at thought, "Look at him, out of touch fat cat. He doesn't know what it's like for people who don't take home a unit a year, let alone what it's like to be dirt poor." Wrong, Reverend! I'd tell him to check thyself, but it looks like Lloyd's got it covered. Politics Dailyreports:

After awkwardly smiling for photographs, the unlikely duo struck up a conversation, only to learn they grew up blocks from each other in working-class Brooklyn. By the end, Sharpton seemed to have some reluctant affection for his old neighbor.

Blankfein: Where'd you grow up?

Sharpton: I grew up on East Flatbush.

Blankfein: Linden Projects (speaking of himself).

Sharpton: Really? No.

Blankfein: Yeah. Really.

Sharpton: You were middle class though, in Linden Projects.

Blankfein: No....That was only the Boulevard. If you made $90, you lived in Linden Projects, if you made $92 you had to move.

Sharpton: That's true, that's true. You know what you're talking about...I never knew that about you.