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"Andrew Ross Sorkin Owes Several People An Apology"

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That's a headline over at Sorkin's employer this morning, written by colleague Paul Krugman. No response yet from Sorkin, who's either a) sweating bullets b) having a good laugh about this with his new Hollywood friends or c) soaking a rag in chloroform and preparing to enter Krugs's office and rub it on his face while grunting "SHUT UP OLD MAN." In the meantime, who does PK think ARS should be apologizing to, and for what? Obviously Krugs has someone/something in mind but the possibilities seem potentially endless. Is it:

A. Lloyd Blankfein ("Gollum"? Really? Ya thought he wasn't gonna catch wind of that one?)

B. Jimmy Cayne (Sorkin screwed him in a game of bridge)

C. The elderly woman in the Buick this morning (you can’t cut people off like that and think there won’t be consequences)

D. Most of Wall Street's elite (suddenly someone's a big time author and he no longer feels the need to get the other side of the story by having a PR person fax over some responses to pre-approved questions, the answers of which are transcribed into a column?)

E. The assistant he backhanded after instructing her to “Learn how to make a cup of coffee, bitch!”

G. John Mack (What do the words "mind the taint" mean to all of you?)

G. The hobos he knocks off for tension release while working on a big story

H. Jonathan Blankfein (Obviously the ace reporter wants to start currying favor with the next generation ASAP but Jesus, pump the breaks on this one, he's just a kid)

I. Lindsay Lohan. Sorkin knows what he did.

J. Charlie Gasparino. The Jabroni Pony finally lets his guard down with a man and this is how you repay him??

K. Krugman, for misrepresenting something he said.

L. Nouriel Roubini, for misrepresenting something he said (they're plaster not plastic, Christ on a crutch)

M. All of the above

N. None of the above

O. Write-in

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