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Area Credit Suisse Employee Chose...Unwisely? (Update)

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A couple weeks ago a second year Tech analyst at Credit Suisse got drunk, returned to the office, and entered a colleague's cubicle. Apparently having not been made aware when he was first hired that destruction of company property is frowned upon at this particular bank, here's what happened next.

From: [redacted at Credit Suisse]
To: IBD TMT Analysts NY; IBD TMT Associates NY
Subject: Bullpen incident over weekend

The attached picture was sent to me by Corporate Services and HR. This is nothing short of embarrassing for our group and something that the Firm takes very seriously. Vandalism of company property will result in disciplinary action leading up to, and including, termination of employment.

We all work in a corporate environment - not a college dorm - if you cannot behave in a professional and respectful manner, you should consider alternative employment.

He's said to have since been fired and is "hoping not to lose his PE job this summer." Fingers crossed whoever made the kid an offer understands that destroying other people's cubicles is a necessary outlet for him to perform at the high level he's previously demonstrated.

Update: Nothing new to add at the moment other than I thought you'd like to see a closer shot of the damage. Perhaps the attacker was merely letting his/her feelings out re: the cube owner being a fan of Shia LaBeouf (or GQ in general)?


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