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Before Getting Shut Down By The SEC, Gryphon Financial Took Time To Incorporate Goldman Case Into Sales Pitch

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Yesterday we discussed Gryphon Financial, and its status as the latest firm to be shut down in the SEC's quest to ruin a good time. To recap, Grphyon is scam of a financial firm which swindled less than $20 million from investors and, in the process, told the best lies ever, which included: the fact that its office is in Staten Island, and not on Wall Street, props from George Soros, who it was claimed said, “Alone, the Gryphon Financial are incredible, together they are unstoppable," alleged huge-ass returns (Gryphon said that investments were "up 1,324 percent in total compounding returns in the last 16 years," when in fact they only formed in 2005), and press from the FT, which supposedly wrote "This secret group has identified as the latest hedge fund to exploit the weakening sub prime markets – pounding stocks down to nothing and making billions along the way, one hedge fund run by this group had been rammed to see returns of over 1000% in 2007."

Waxing nostalgic on Grphy's just now, we see that days before Mary Schapiro busted that shit up, the firm's fictional ten-man team of Wharton and Harvard grads had mentioned Goldman's woes in its daily newsletter, pearls of wisdom we'll never get to read because some people are trying desperately to prove they don't just sit around looking at trannies all day.

What is Offshore Banking: Banking in the Golden Sun

Have you ever been somewhere tropical? Majority of you just answered me, yes! Well imagine if you will, placing your money into a bank while you were in the tropics. I do not doubt that you are more or less visualizing the luxurious beach rather than a stuffy old bank. To simply state, offshore banking is operating a bank account on the outskirts of an investor's particular jurisdiction of residence. With the current news circulating the market about the Goldman Sachs fraud, would you rather trust your ever so famous and close to home Goldman Sachs or an offshore bank? Since, I am not in favor of being swindled my odds are leaning toward the offshore banking. Not to say there is not risk involved. However, there are risk management methods investors can employ with offshore banking. Do you want to get a handle on these advantages? You are in luck; Gryphon Daily's Douglas Alessio is providing readers with the report, "What is Offshore Banking? -Why and How to Build an Offshore Nest Egg." The report will educate you on how to productively start your offshore banking account.