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Benmosche Promises Not To Abandon AIG For A Least Another Year Or So

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Robert Benmosche has a vineyard in Croatia take care of and the finest bathroom fixtures money can buy. And it would be nice to tend to his grapes and enjoy some time on the can without having to worry about the company he's been tasked with turning around, and the government breathing down his neck. He's threatened to leave before and if he did now, people probably woudln't give him too much shit, since it's what every AIG CEO does anyway. Tradition and whatnot. But he's promised his little workers that despite the fact that he honestly cannot take Ken Feinberg being such a god damn nag, and he'd be a lot happier just taking off, Daddy's no deadbeat. Today he reaffirmed that commitment.

Benmosche will “be around for a year or two more, and then after that the question would be working with the board on how best to deal with succession,” he said. “We are doing that now, as well as in the future.”

Does he have a giant wall-sized calendar with a star marking his last day in 2011? Is the best part of his day crossing it off with an X, bringing him closer and closer to freedom? Does he keep a packed suitcase in the back of his trunk and staff a first year with keeping the motor running during business hours? You betcha. But for now he's sticking it out.


Pour One Out For Robert Benmosche Tonight

The former AIG chief/winemaker is no longer with us.