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Bonus Watch '10: JPMorgan

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An unhappy junior rainmaker writes:

Analyst bonuses just got delayed until mid-August supposedly so that the firm can ensure we're being paid on par with the rest of the Street and not getting underpaid.

Nice try, but you're going to have to wake up a lot earlier if you want to fool this UJR. He's not buying it.

The real reason they're doing this is likely to put on hold the massive attrition that is/was about to occur as groups are massively understaffed and no one is doing anything about it. They over-fired during the recession and many of our businesses, SLF and DCM in particular, are experiencing unheralded deal flow with very low junior resource leverage. People are getting killed and managers aren't doing anything about it. There was going to be a mass exodus come July which clearly will now have to wait.


Bonus Watch '12: JPMorgan

Li'l Dimons started receiving numbers today. First year analysts (base 70k): Bottom tier: 40k Middle tier: 50k Top tier: 55k Second years (base 80k): Middle tier: 65k Top tier: 70k