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Carl Levin Getting Pissed with Killinger

Uh oh. Carl Levin is getting feisty at the WaMu hearing.

He’s bashing former WaMu CEO Kerry Kiilinger for not answering a question about whether he would have been troubled had he seen some emails between other WaMu execs about high delinquencies of mortgages that were making their way into the bank’s securitized products.

Killinger repeatedly refused to answer the question saying he didn’t want to deal with hypotheticals in hindsight. Carl wasn’t having any of that. “I would hope you would have said it would have troubled you,” Levin said. “It’s hard for me to accept that you wouldn’t have been disturbed by what you read this morning, Levin said referring to emails he read at the morning panel.

“Would that have troubled you,” he asked again. Killigner’s response: “Again, I did not see the emails and did not know what ended up happening.” Levin jumps in: “If you HAD seen those emails at the time.”

Kerry finally answers: “I would have inquired more, I would have wanted more information.”

Levin: “Ok, I guess we’re making progress.”


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