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Celebrity Shareholder Cribs: Prince Alwaleed's Palace

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Have you often wondered to yourself, does Citi's favorite investor max and relax (indoor) poolside after a long day of riding Vikram's ass like Zorro? Does said indoor pool have a jungle theme going on around it that includes life size ceramic elephants, antelopes and giraffes? Would the Prince's style be best described as late eighties chic? Yes, yeah and hell fuck yeah.

Bloomberg Television anchor Erik Schatzker spent a couple days touring the Prince's pad. Most disappointing thing about this clip? The shot at 1:01, wherein we find out there's been at least one occasion when his highness hasn't matched his shirt/pants to his horse. In Part 2 we get a peek at "where the magic happens," the prince's "throne room," where he gets his best ideas, and the thing nearest and dearest to his heart-- his sunglasses collection.


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Can Once Again Sleep At Night

No longer will the world be under the erroneous assumption he's only worth $20 billion.