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Citigroup Clears Up Confusion On SchnitzelGate, Is Yet To Make Grand Gesture

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A couple weeks ago, when the Schnitzel & Things food truck, purveyor of "thin, deep-fried cutlets," was forced by the cops to leave its regular corner on 54th and Lex, the owners were pretty surprised. Particularly when they were told the alleged reason, which was that there'd been a complaint from inside the building, where Citi has offices, and that if they didn't hit the bricks, they'd be cited as a "terrorist threat."

"I was stunned," said Gene Voss. "I asked the police officer, 'Let me get this straight, this building is complaining that I might be a terrorist threat?' I mean, I'm just selling schnitzel."

According to the police, the reason the truck was asked to scram because it was blocking parking spaces. And a spokeswoman for Citi says the bank had nothing to do with the call, which, sure, okay, we'll buy that. Nevertheless, someone costs these guys two weeks of business (they've "vowed to return Friday"). And I'm just thinking aloud here, but it would not only be a nice gesture but would also help Citi keep this "we're not Goldman, we're the good guys" streak going, if Vikram were spotted on line, buying up a mess of schnitzel for him and his liuetenants and/or manning the window himself. Just something to think about.