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Do You Want To Know Why Your Co-Workers Think You're A Weirdo?

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The scene: you're on a coffee break up in Stamford chatting it up with a couplea the guys you work with. The topic turns to the new hot chick in the office and one guy wonders aloud what kind of panties she wears. Bob says it's gotta be thongs. Dave says he doesn't understand why women wouldn't just go commando, as thongs seem like they'd be wicked uncomfortable. It's at this time that you say, "Actually, no, they're not bad at all." Everyone stares at you a second and then Dave asks slowly, "How would you know that?" Naturally you answer, "I know from personal experience of course. I wear women's underwear."

Now, first off, I would like to say that while I personally would never judge you for such a thing, there are others who are less open minded. You'd think at a forward thinking firm there'd be nothing wrong with speaking freely about this stuff, especially since you know for a fact that at least half of your male colleagues are wearing women's undergarments as we speak but apparently you'd think wrong. Everyone would've preferred that you had instead pumped the breaks on your admission and for future reference, when you're considering getting personal, instead shutting the fuck up. Don't feel bad though. You're not alone.

Lots of people just want to let it out. On topics ranging from being 100% hairless.

Patti Sweeney and a dozen of her coworkers recently went out to lunch to celebrate the completion of a project. Over burgers and salads, they chitchatted about their work, their families and their hobbies. One colleague mentioned that he was training for a 20-mile bike race, adding that he had just purchased a new helmet and Lycra shorts. To the group's mortification, Ms. Sweeney says, he then described shaving his entire body to reduce aerodynamic drag.

"Why, why, why do we need to go there?" says Ms. Sweeney, a 36-year-old financial analyst for a communications company who lives in Bartlett, Ill. "This is information about a coworker, not someone I really consider a friend, and now it's forever burned in my brain."

To clarifying that they are not in fact barren.

Majid Alsayegh is still chuckling over the female public-relations representative in her late 30s who told him at the end of their first meeting several years ago that she was single, looking for a nice guy in case he knew of anyone, and that, despite her age, she was ready, willing and able to bear children. "I was left somewhat speechless," says Mr. Alsayegh, 54, a real-estate developer in Douglassville, Pa. "I think that I said something like, 'Always good to know.'"

The bit about women's underwear.

Another time, a colleague told her that her ex-husband would wear her underwear and confided some very personal complaints about her current husband.

Plus fucking on the first date, and their bastard children.

At a get-to-know-you lunch with a few coworkers she had just met, one woman blurted out: "I have a 16-year-old son who was conceived on my first date with my husband in high school." Another time, a colleague told her that her ex-husband would wear her underwear and confided some very personal complaints about her current husband.

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