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Eliot Spitzer Ended Up With The One Prostitue Who Made Him Work For It

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We haven't had a conversation at length about it (YET), but it's been pretty well-confirmed by this point that one of main reasons Eliot Spitzer patronized prosties was the no muss, no fuss aspect. He was very busy, he had "needs" and he wanted to get in and get out. Ashley Dupré was pretty okay with this but the hooker Spitzer banged prior to AD was not. "Angelina" wanted to be wooed motherfucker, and if Spitzer thought he was paying for an easy lay, he was sorely mistaken.

The first time "George Fox" had procured the services of an escort we'll call Angelina -- in late 2006 -- she didn't much care for him. "It was very businesslike," Angelina recalls. "He was not one of those people who I would have said went out of their way to make me feel lovely and nice, like many did. It was very impersonal."

The next time, she met Fox at the Waldorf-Astoria in Midtown Manhattan. It was late at night. He rushed into the room with a baseball cap on, clearly trying not to be recognized, and wanting to get right to it. She insisted they talk first. Angelina was being paid $1,200 an hour, but she operated by her own rules. With Fox, she recalls being "rather pushy," telling him, "Listen, we are going to sit and have a chitchat and have a nice little date here."

Surprisingly, he seemed to like it that she pushed back. He'd brought along some Scotch, so they sat down to talk over a few drinks while listening to classical music. She asked him what he did for a living. He said he was a lawyer. What kind of law? He dodged. He asked questions about her. They joked and laughed. Says Angelina: "It ended up being kind of a fun couple of hours."

Apparently Ness agreed because while he went on to spend 100 grand on a wide variety of hooks, he asked for Angelina "regularly." Also, he denies fucking with his black socks on.

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