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Eliot Spitzer: "You're Going To Think I'm Crazy, But..."

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Here's an excerpt and a claim from Peter Elkind's "Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer," that may or may not be real but I want to be true more than I've ever wanted anything in this world. Especially the quotes. Please let these be exact quotes.

"On one occasion, George Fox had booked an appointment in the late morning at the Mark Hotel, on the Upper East Side, just five minutes' walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As usual, he paid the girl in cash - about $1,200 an hour. Not long after it was over, he called (the booker) back, wanting to see a second escort. 'Who else is around?' he asked. (the booker) made the arrangements.

Then, late that afternoon, (Spitzer) called again.

'You're going to think I'm crazy,' he began. 'But can you send somebody else right now?'

He wanted a third girl? The booker chuckled: "You must be Superman! The man of steel!" (The booker) found him another girl. It wasn't even dark yet."

Superman Spitzer Bedded Three Hookers In One Day: Book Claim [NYP]