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Fabrice Tourre Denies Fabulousness In Quest To Get Laid

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Many of you have likely done things you should be embarrassed about in the name of getting laid. Given. For the most part, though, that embarrassment (and second hand embarrassment) remains contained to a relatively small group of people. Your friends, onlookers at the bar, cab drivers and so on and so forth. It's likely that tens of millions of people will never see the depths to which you've sunk to put your d in a v. Such is not the case for Fabrice Tourre, who in one of the many emails released by Senator Carl Levin (no relation) over the weekend, has him begging off the 'fabulous' title in a message to lady-friend Marine Serres, a Goldman colleague. There's nothing NSFW about this, but it should be considered NSFThoseWho'veJustFinishedLunch.

Darling you should take a look at this article ... Very insightful ... More and more leverage in the system, l'edifice entier riqsue de s'effondrer a tout moment ... Seul survivant potentiel, the fabulous Fab (as Mitch would kindly call me, even though there is nothing fabulous abt me, just kindness, altruism and deep love for some gorgeous and super smart French girl in London), standing in the middle of all these complex, highly levered exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all the implications of these monstruosities !!! Anyway, not feeling too guilty about this, the real purpose of my job is to make capital markets more efficient and ultimately provide the US consumer will more efficient ways to leverage and finance himself, so there is a humble, noble and ethical reason for my job ;) amazing how good I am in convincing myself !!!

Sweetheart, I am now going to try to get away from ABX and other ethical questions, and immediately plunge into Freakonomics ... I feel blessed to be with you, to be able to learn and share special things with you, I love when you advise me on books I should be reading. I feel like we share a lot of things in common, a lot of values, topics we are interested in and intrigued by ... I just love you !!!

If there's anything Tourre should be ashamed of it's this. Hopefully someone will take him to take for it tomorrow on the Hill.

Fabulous Fab Is a Player in More Than One Way [Daily Intel]


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