Feds Wouldn't Let Chiesi Take a Shower


Not only did the F.B.I. fail to read Danielle Chiesi her Miranda rights before arresting her last year, they didn’t let the young lady take a shower and told her what clothes to wear before being perp walked in front of the national media.

That’s the latest charge made by Chiesi in a court filing, which includes a statement by her of what actually happened the morning she was arrested on October 16, 2009. Among other things we learn that the Feds, wearing bulletproof vests, knocked on her apartment door and shouted for her to open up. Aside from a cat and some fish, Chiesi said she was alone. The feds tried to get her to make a monitored phone call to "a particular individual" and persuade her to cooperated with the investigation.

View Chiesi Statement on Arrest