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Florida Grocery Arb Liked Asian Babes, 2 Live Crew

Looks like Nevin Shapiro, the famed grocery arbitrageur charged with running a $900 million Ponzi scheme, had a real penchant for Asian women and was also trying to enlist 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell to join him in a new sports agency.

Uncle Luke is tight with tons of athletes and he didn't want just any old grocery arb trying to screw his boys. So, the genius behind the 1989 album"As Nasty as They Wanna Be," decided to do a little due dilly on Shapiro. Here's what Luke found when he visited Shapiro's $5 million Miami Beach mansion.

From Luke's Gospel:

He had some serious eye candy walking inside his house, like his beautiful black girlfriend. And he had some fine Asian girls in there too. Shapiro took me into this room where he had on display all these jerseys that had been actually worn by former players. He bragged he was friends with a lot of the guys. He name-dropped Jonathan Vilma and Vince Wilfork (of the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots, respectively).

Surprised Shapiro never name-dropped Shaq, who once bench-pressed him and used Shapiro's girlfriend to get a deal on some diamonds for his handcuffs. Back to Luke.

He told me he was in investing in import and export of groceries. He tried to explain his business model to me, but it was over my head. We had one more meeting over dinner. He introduced me to his supposed partner and some sports agent who was going to be involved as well. But there was something off about the whole thing. I kept reading his partner's body language and he looked like he was just there for show, like he was doing Shapiro a favor.

Meanwhile, Shapiro has been released on a $10 million bond secured by some property and is confined to travel in New Jersey and Florida. According to the conditions of bail, Shapiro is restricted from any gambling. That means no visits to the OTB before the Kentucky Derby.


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Judge Slaps Florida Ponzi Schemer with 50 Year Sentence