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Goldman Employees Scared Into Eating Lunch At Their Desks, Not Making A Spectacle Of Selves While Partying

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Thanks, Mary Schapiro. Because of you the men and women of Goldman Sachs can't even leave the building for a sando out of fear someone will be listening in on their conversation re: the next client they're going to give the old "GS surprise." And don't give me that crap about how they could find other topics to discuss. What else is there to talk about when there are nefarious plots to be hatched?

According to employees, Goldman managers have urged them to keep a low profile, think carefully about the restaurants and parties they attend and watch how they behave in public. Some employees are even reluctant even to go out to lunch with co-workers for fear of being overheard talking about Goldman, said one person familiar with the matter.

It's enough to drive people to drink themselves stupid but guess what Mare? That's out too. Lucas vP has already advised that anyone who can't hold their liquor and, more to the point, abstain from revealing the GS logo branded to their ass-cheeks, ought to strongly considered going dry.

For Goldman Employees, Concerns And Shots [WSJ]


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