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Goldman Sachs De-Registers Mr. Fantabulous In UK

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First off, nobody's doing this because they're mad at him. It should be reiterated that while Goldman did indeed strip Fabrice Tourre of something somewhat essential to working with clients, they only did so because he's on his voluntary leave and won't be needing it right now. He's off in France, working through some stuff, and when he's ready to rejoin his colleagues, they'll be happy to have him back. Although-- and I'm not saying anyone would even think such a thing-- on the off chance Lloyd decides GS is already busting at the seams with fabulousness and couldn't possibly pack anymore in, it would be a good idea for Tourre to have a Plan B. A hedge fund would be the safe option (and he should have no problem raising cash, what with his famous reach-around) but let's think outside of the box on this one. What's FabTo's next career move?