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Good Reasons To Take And Also Not Take NYU B-School Professor Scott Galloway's Class

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On the one hand, he's the guy who will not hesitate to rip into a student for showing up late, and then send off a list of rules re: what is not acceptable in his classroom (you can't burst into showtunes, piss on the desk, or practice hair-removal). Points awarded. On the other, he's a apparently a member of Carbon NYC, the self-described "social networking group for the alpha male." Point subtracted. But where he really tips the scales in his favor? Nicknames. Vadge-inspired nicknames.

We also hear that Galloway—who made his fortune in the '90s by founding and flipping gift-site Red Envelope—flew a Carbon flag outside his Watermill, Long Island, estate. According to a guest, an upstairs wall featured a shrine to his glory days as a UCLA frat boy (he graduated in '87). Among the more notable captions on the series of framed photos of Galloway partying with his ZBT bros: "The Muffkateers," "The Snatch-Bucklers," "The Vagilantes," and "The Trim Reapers."

Imagine what you could come up with on your own after a semester under his tutelage...

Potential NYT Director Scott Galloway a "Muffkateer"? [Radar via DI Yes it's old but I did not know this skill-set possessed by SG]


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