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Greenlight Capital Shames Wall Street Journal For Making Stuff Up

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Remember that story a few months back in the Wall Street Journal, about the hedge fund "idea dinner" that insinuated a bunch of managers got together to break bread while plotting to take down the Euro? David Einhorn and the Greenlight team do! They've been discussing it amongst themselves for a while, and today it made their latest quarterly letter. What'd they think of the piece? Well, reporting the actual facts instead of pulling them out of the reporter's ass would've improved things slightly. Apparently the Journal got a whole bunch of stuff wrong and now the responsible parties are going to pay. Sorry, kids. Sometimes the nicest hedge fund manager in the world just has to cut a bitch. Sayeth DE and Co:

Greenlight Capital Quarterly Letter [PDF]


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Your Greenlight Capital Will Never Leave You

Despite a momentary scare thanks to a runaway 'd'.