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How Many People-- Ballpark-- Can Say They Saw The Housing Crisis Coming?

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According to Alan Greenspan, it's a "a very small group," maybe four or five people. And they're all good friends of his. Why didn't they cue him in on the situation? And if they did, why didn't McG listen? He'd rather not say at this time. But while we're on the matter of friends, one last thing. In addition to the very few people who got it right, there a bunch who got it "wrong," having failed to understand the "complexities" that were about to emerge, such as, throwing a name out there, Angelo Mozilo. A lot of you pipsqueaks have tried to paint it otherwise, claiming he knew exactly what was happening, that he was some sort of used car salesman, in a sad attempt impugn the integrity of this beautiful man. Well let is be said right here and now, don't you even dare attempt to pin one iota of blame on him (or me). Neither of us couldn've seen this coming. He was and continues to be HEARTBROKEN over this.

Alan Greenspan Responds To Michael Burry's NYT Op-Ed [Distressed Volatility via Daily Intel]