Jimmy Cayne's Handicap Still in the Crapper


Jimmy Cayne may have taken a billion-dollar bath on the collapse of Bear Stearns, but that hasn’t kept him from continuing to hack up fairways from Jersey to Florida.

A quick check on GHIN.com shows his highness has entered six scores in the first seven days of April. (We’re not sure if he’s playing on his home turf at the Jersey Shore or at the Boca Rio.)

With all the time on his hands, you'd think Jimbo's handicap would be better than your average hacker who plays at his local public course three times a year. But it’s still stuck in the 20s -- about the same place it was when Bear was imploding as Jimmy was trying to win the long drive contest. Jimmy, it’s either time to get some lessons, buy a new putter or stick to taking bong hits and playing bridge.

Maybe your former pal Ace could help you with your game. He hasn’t heard from you in a while.