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Last Night, You Missed The Social Event Of The Year

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You also narrowly avoided being ambushed into having a conversation about tranny tits while waiting on line for the bathroom, so same diff, no diff.

Tried to grab a beer at the Gin Mill Bar the other night, but with 100 members of the SEC inside (whose bar tab the taxpayer presumably covered), it kinda killed the vibe. We sat outside and watched as group after group walked to the door, saw the sign and muttered, “SEC Happy Hour, what the fuck?” and then walked away in disgust. As for tranny porn, I didn't get close enough but that might be more of an after-work Friday happy hour get together type thing.

Update: In his haste to (understandably) get indignant re: footing the bill for a bunch of sick fucks who have no business celebrating a job well done, our tipster did not realize that SEC, in this case, refers to Southeastern Conference. Obviously it's not all his fault, but given that I've previously publicly stated the fact that I know jack about football, I'm not taking too much blame for this. Additionally, I'm adding that this also went over NakedShort's head. As you were.


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