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Metro-North Officials Contemplating Ruining The Lives Of Connecticut-Dwelling Financial Services Hacks

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Listen up. Something serious is going on. I'm not talking about Goldman v. the SEC. I'm talking about the one thing that makes the lives of those of you slogging back to Connecticut each day after what was probably a miserable twelve hours on the job worth living-- I'm talking about the right to get smashed during the commute. You fought the proposed ban on Happy Hour on Wheels a few years back and you won. And now, due to the "recession," officials are saying that new trains may not included a place to booze it up, claiming that more seats are a bigger priority than the bar car, or something like that (I stopped paying attention because I was so seething mad, for you). I know it's wrong, you know it's wrong, and eventually it's gonna kill a few people, either due a stress-related heart attack, or by sucking out their will to live.

“It raises my anxiety level,” said Tom Skinner, a marketing executive from Westport and proprietor of, a Web site devoted to the steel-wheeled saloon. “There’s always people trying to scuttle the bar cars. It’s just a fact of life." [...] "The commute is so bad as it is,” explained Paul Hornung, a financial worker, as he sipped a Stella Artois. “This is the one thing you can look forward to.”

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