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Nomura Management Does Not Discriminate When It Comes To Referring To Women's Racks As "Honkers"?

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Last November we mentioned that Maureen Murphy and Anna Francis, two female Nomura employees (legacy Lehman girls), had sued the bank claiming that "sexist Japanese company chiefs effectively sidelined them because they were women and not Japanese." Murphy, a senior analyst earning £55,000-a-year said that on one occasion a male colleague told her women "belonged at home cleaning floors" and that one woman trader had her breasts referred to as “honkers” during a meeting (actual alleged quote: “Oh, you don’t have your honkers out today"). Today a judge threw out their case.

We have not found that the claimant was subjected to the detriments of which she complains," Judge Grewal said in regard to Francis. "She has not proved facts from which we could infer that had she been a man or Japanese or both that she would have been treated more favourably."

This seems a bit vague and deserving a clarification. Is the judge saying that the girls would've had their jugs referred to as "knockers" regardless of whether or not they white women? That nobody gets a free pass, male or female, and men regularly are called out on their "bitch tits"? That there was no proof the term "honkers" was actually used, but there were several instances of "knockers" and "fun bags"? Anyone familiar with the judge's/management's thinking should come forward at this time.

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