Self-Described "Social Networking Group For The Alpha Male" Wants You To Ask Yourself Something


Do you want to party with a bunch of tools for free or do you want to pay for the opportunity to do so? If you answered "sign me up for the latter," Carbon NYC might be right for you.

It's the nouveau version of a New York Gentlemen's club: Carbon NYC is an exclusive networking club for sucesssful New York business men who have demonstrated achievement in their chosen field (ahem, made a lot of money) and demonstrated passion for non-work pursuits (ahem, bottles and models.) Most importantly, NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

Founded in 2004 by Jay Friedlander, the Carbon Club's mission is "to create a community where camaraderie, influence, and a prolific urban experience intersect." Sort of like the thing Chuck Bass would whip up on a whim, except for a much older set: the average age of Carbon Club members is 37. Members have to pay a fee of $5,000 a year, which is no big deal for club-members; most are millionaires, and about 30% have a net worth of over 10 million dollars. The ability to pay the yearly fee alone won't guarantee you a spot in Carbon, which caps its membership at 750 people, despite receiving over 200 applications a year. Prospective members must be referred by current members, and then undergo a pseudo-hazing type process before they're admitted.

Then and only then will you have the chance to rub shoulders and whatever else you might like with these guys:

CarbonNYC Club: Inside The Frat For Millionaires [GofaG]


Investment Bank Group Head: Do You Want To Be A Wolf That Starves In The Winter Or Wolf That Eats His Competitors' Fee Pies For Lunch?

Your call. From: [redacted] Sent: March 28, 2012 9:12 AM Subject: Spring Ahead For those with direct/indirect coverage responsibilities, pls take out your lists today to remind yourselves who we have money out to and that your name is on the ComCom coverage team that got that money approved. Anecdotal observation I conclude is that where we pay attention in some reasonable, non-trivial ways (meeting, meal, call, insightful email), we get paid back in flow DCM capital markets participation It's just how this game works, the money doesn't flat out speak for us, we need to speak for it, and we don't have to stomp/yell, just be around, consistently the more frequency, the more client comfort, the more they feel reminded of their commercial obligations to us, the easier it is for them to remember to take care of us -- lubricate to prevent rust, just like a motor engine or morning exercise We've been printing something almost every week this spring, keep the momentum while it's here, and make it grow so it lasts into trough times If you think this message is meant for someone else, it's probably for you too, it is for us all, so don't look sideways for some sort of peer-level comfort, look to your career, which is your clients Junior bankers pushing cogent observations up are as important as senior bankers pushing that stimulus out to clients -- make your time matter most, you own it the world is still an uncertain place, which means our individual and collective ability to create opportunity and make a personal impact is here and now Various of us have teamed up very well on multiple and diverse endeavors within this 2012 Budget year to close out Tier 1, and then re-populate it, so it matters for our Fiscal 2012 In doing so, we have become a Burden to our competitors and a Benefit to our clients, as it should be Those recently Burdened by our direct sharp edge into their fee pie and who would otherwise prefer that we be unmotivated, disorganized, lazy-minded, subservient and acquiescent include: [list of every large bank] With no due respect to their no longer deserved incumbency, I like being where we are, doing what we're doing, and how we're doing it, working and Winning, without the Charlie Sheen meltdowns along the way Welcome to Top 10 there's more food on those complacent plates, they're distracted by entitlement, not watching the table, it's time for the hungry to eat We Hunt and We Gather, sometimes alone, sometimes together both strategies work, and have since mankind became sentient Wherever your personal preferences and natural tendencies may lead you, rise above that and evolve to a more meaningful Hunter/Gatherer contributor to this increasingly productive tribe -- the bigger payout kills require larger organized squads -- wolves hunt in packs for a reason, and every pack needs it's field leader to be best organized -- it's the time-tested proven best use of a wolf pack's collective energy -- if they waste it, they starve in winter -- we're graduating to wolf pack status, it's got our competitors looking, watching, wondering -- for those who've never operated within a wolf pack, come aboard and enjoy the living/learning-by-doing experience!