Syracuse Finance Major Would Like Jamie Dimon To Know He's Pullin' For The Guy


Good afternoon,

I am a current student at SU, studying Broadcast Journalism, Finance and Accounting.

While much of the reporting has covered the protests, not enough has focused on the support for Dimon. I am one of the handfuls who is in favor of bringing in Dimon as a speaker, because Dimon is a MUCH bigger name than speakers at other schools are. The quality of speakers at some other schools is not very high. The proof: Cantor is a sought after graduation speaker.

It boggles me why students want to make big deals about big people, i.e. Giuliani here years ago and Obama at Notre Dame. The job of the graduation speaker is to motivate and give advice on what is to come ahead. I had much rather spend my energies protesting if we got a nobody, which Dimon is not. Dimon is entertaining and charismatic. He is leading the Wall Street clean up from the bottom up!

An institution like Syracuse should be blessed to have Wall Street’s top leader speak. It is sad, that in today’s global climate, some students have pipe dreams of never joining the real world. Dimon will prove to be much more valuable than someone who would speak about, say, saving gorillas in Africa, which is what some students want.

Today, a group of students held a protest that has been publicized by various media, including CNBC, ABC News, and Bloomberg. I attended the protest, and it was extremely pathetic. There were a total of approximately 60 protesters, of which about 30 were undergraduates. The rest were random people who didn’t like big banks anyway. It was an epic failure. As an SU student, I know what our reputation is when it comes to partying. Sadly, this did not live up to worldwide expectations.

I've attached the pictures I took. Videos will come soon.

If you decide to quote or use my pictures, please credit me as, "Naresh Vissa," junior finance, accounting and broadcast journalism major and Analyst at Syracuse University's private investment fund, The Orange Value Fund.

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Jamie Dimon To Be Asked Why He Was Running JPMorgan Like SeaWorld, Hopefully

If we're being totally honest, while it had its moments, last week's Jamie Dimon Congressional hearing to discuss Whale Boy was a bit of a letdown, theatrically-speaking. This was probably due in large part to the fact that it was conducted by the Senate Banking Committee, and the Senate typically comes off intelligent and reasonable compared to the House,* and proceeded accordingly. As we surely don't have to tell you, this is not the kind of hearing we are interested in. We are interested in hearings that involve Congressmen and women screaming "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PROSECUTED YET!!!" at financial services employees and accusing them of dressing up as Girl Scouts in order to deceive the public. We are interested in hearings that involve the use of the term "smart-alecks." We are interested in hearings that involve subjects being told to be more like Magic Johnson. We are interested in hearings that involve subjects who've never worked for Goldman Sachs being grilled until they break about working at Goldman Sachs. We are interested in hearings that involve bath salts, or the suggestion that the people conducting it have taken a bunch of them and at any moment might leap across the dais to eat the witness's face off. Fortunately, we might get the chance for all that and more tomorrow, when Dimon makes another trip down to D.C. to appear before the House Financial Services Committee to talk whales. In House Testimony, Dimon Sticks To Script [Dealbook] *Make no mistake, most of them fell short of becoming Rhodes Scholar Quarterfinalists, but we're speaking in relative terms here.