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The First KFC Double Down Event Of The Season Taking Place Tomorrow

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The Challenge: 7 KFC Double Down sandwiches in 30 minutes.

"This is a face-off between two men. Winner will be the first man to finish or whoever eats the most within the time constraints without a reversal. There is an open offer on the table to all comers with 2 to 1 odds that neither will be able to finish within the 30 minute window. The event is happening tomorrow from 12:30 - 1:00 PM."

Some info on the participants, according to their colleagues:

Participant One:

*26 Years Old

* Heavy Weight - shaped like Wario without the mustache, 235 lbs, 5'8"

* He is a data freak and has been monitoring his weight daily for the past 7 years. He is currently at an all time high. He gave a presentation at a group meeting which presented regression results that explained the relationship between his seamless web ordering habits and his weight gain.

* Leaving the firm in June for MBA program that shall remain nameless.

Participant Two:

* 27 Years Old

* Middle Weight, approximately 5'11"

* Lives in New Jersey with his wife (almost everyone else in the office is unmarried and lives in Manhattan) and has a love of ultimate fighting.

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