The Magnetar Song


If the lengthy story in ProPublica wasn't enough, Magnetar Capital now has to deal with a show tune created about its infamous trade called "Bet Against the American Dream."

The song, written by the guys from Avenue Q, the Tony award-winning musical, was played during a broadcast of This American Life, the popular NPR radio show hosted by Ira Glass. NPR teamed up with ProPublica, which broke the story, for a show on Saturday focused on the hedge fund.

Bet Against The American Dream from Planet Money on Vimeo.

A Show Tune About A Hedge Fund: 'Bet Against The American Dream' [NPR]


Europe Also Screwing The Caymans

Not only is Europe’s debt problems bludgeoning the U.S. markets today, but the continent is also on the verge of dealing a huge blow to the hedge fund industry and its favorite tax havens.

Fergie Busted in Pay to Play Scam

Amazing video this morning out of London, which shows former Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson selling access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew for $750,000. The deal was set up by an undercover reporter from the British tabloid News of the World, who posed as a Middle Eastern tycoon looking for access to the Prince’s network.