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The Wall Street Journal Investigates: Booze

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As you know the Wall Street Journal prides itself on uncovering the big stories that are not yet being told. They were the first to bring the serious issue of chest hair (to flaunt or not to flaunt) to light, they talked about spray tanning when no one else would and I know I don't have to remind you it was Rupert's crack investigative team that blew the lid off Cankles. This morning, they've done it again, with a Page One feature on drinking. Sometimes people do it!

Sometimes people drink so much they get drunk. How does this happen? It's a fairly complex issue to understand, especially to the laymen, but it generally involves going to bars. There, patron lured into lapping this shit up and often times places will entice them to drink even more by offering these so-called "two for one" packages, probably something originally created by Goldman Sachs. What happens next you ask? The Journal worked on this story for a while so obviously we've got answers. What happens is that "some pretty colorful behavior" ensues. It's wild. I can't say anymore. Just watch.