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Who Should Make Time's Most Influential List?

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Lady Gaga? Paul Volcker? Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi? Michael Lewis? Tim Geithner? Zach Galifianakis? Elizabeth Warren? Kanye? Warren Buffett? James Cameron? Larry Summers? Ben Bernanke? Jenny McCarthy? Lloyd Blankfein? And who should come first? Last? And everywhere in between?

It's hard to say, they're all so special in their own right. Jenny was once on Singled Out and is now fighting the good fight against vaccination. Paul Volcker has his proposals. Snooki is tan. Geithner recently joined a book club. I don't really care much who influential persons 2-100 are but number one would be nice to have some say in. To that end, my thoughts are this: you know whose day it would really make to be dubbed the most influential person in the universe? Big Lar's. As you know he's been having a tough go of it lately and supposedly might quit out of bitterness that Bernanke got the Fed job again, instead of him. So dethroning "that bearded fruit," with his smug grin and his Jos A Bank suits, as Time's special princess would probably mean the world to LS. Bonus: while I personally believe Lloyd Blankfein and his nuclear power-balled should win this thing, if we give it to Summers we can expect a Kanye-inspired interruption by Lucas vP during the acceptance speech. Which will be so worth it. Think about it.

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