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Write-Offs: 04.19.10

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$$$Citi Distances Itself From Goldman's Troubles [NYT]

$$$Goldman Sachs Points to Magnetar Trades in Its Defense [ProPub]

$$$ Gasparino: Blankfein In The Hot Seat [FBN]

$$$Team green: KKR, Carlyle partner with EDF [The Deal]

$$$ Report Says SEC Missed Many Shots at Stanford [WSJ]

$$$Dick Bove: "There seems to be a concerted effort once again, by all supposed responsible parties, to prove to Americans that the financial system is corrupt, and that Americans cannot be treated fairly by dealing with it. No one has apparently learned that if all interested parties join together in condemning the financial system it will collapse. The stage is being set another bone chilling crisis." [PDF]