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Area Bank Employees To Strengthen Morale One Piece Of Deep Fried Chicken At A Time

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The very first time we wrote about a Food Eating Challenge (FEC), it was a a postmortem congratulations to a man named Oyster Boy. He'd consumed 244 oysters in 1 hour at Ulysses and he'd thrown the gauntlet down for one of you to pick up, vis-a-vis goring yourself for sport. We continued to chronicle them for reasons that don't take Wall Street's greatest minds to figure out: they're fun and if they're not mentioned on this here site well, it's like they never happened. We are also big believers in positive reinforcement, and on the rare occasions in which you people actually succeed at completing the task at hand, we like to give you props (alternatively, we believe in the value of telling you that you suck and sicken us when you fail, because we care). Mostly, though it's because they're just fun. It's fun to watch you gorge yourself for sport, and it's fun for your colleagues to offer obnoxious running commentary throughout the event, especially that one guy (you know who you are, and let me just say, you get it). The challenges are not typically used to pull financial services employees out of their existential funks but that doesn't mean they can't be. This week, one bank looks to the FEC.


As you know, morale here is extremely low. In an attempt to raise beaten spirits, on Friday, a colleague of ours is going to attempt to eat 85 Wendy's nuggets in 30 minutes with a 30 minute "no puke" clause at the end. With your help, we'd like to show Wall Street that we are far more than just guys who look at Miranda Kerr screen shots during inopportune times. The participant is a junior associate and will be draped in as much company swag as we can find.

Sure, Oyster Boy would probably do 100 but it’s been made pretty obvious that no one can soar to the heights of OB (prove me wrong). But that's fine, futile attempts to pick up the gauntlet thrown down by OB is not what this is about, or what's important. What's important is that the (successful) sight of this kid literally shoving fried food in his mouth, as fast he an chew and swallow or maybe just swallow is going to make his colleagues feel really good about themselves. On Friday who will join them? (Please be advised making this about "feelings" is not required for participation.) Do it an I might even consider bringing back The Sandwich Fairy.