Does Tim Geithner Have Particularly Good Hair?


Personally I never gave it much thought, though having been confronted by the question and taking the last five minutes to scrutinize TG's mane, I'd have to say no, I don't think he does. It's not bad hair but if we're being forced to judge, here goes: thickness (one of the most important factors) seems to be average and it looks kind of dry and damaged. Certainly nothing that screams "run your fingers through me." Admittedly, though, we haven't examined it up close and one person who has claims it's something to write home about, and even a source of envy.

When Luyu showed Hillary and Geithner a photo of the two of them together, we found out that Hillary is driven insane by the Treasury Secretary's apparently amazing yet effortless hair.

QUESTION: What were you talking about?

SECRETARY CLINTON: I think I was complimenting him on his hair.


SECRETARY CLINTON: He always looks so good, you know? It's maddening. It takes me so much longer, and it doesn't even look as good.

Is this ringing true for anyone else? Is he getting points just by virtue of being less follicly-challenged than his predecessor?

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