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Ex-Morgan Stanley Employee Running Wall Street "Walk of Shame Tour"

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Annaline Dinkelmann, who is "a licensed New York City sightseeing guide and trades currencies in the mornings," includes AIG and Goldman Sachs in her stops, and commentary on William Duer, "Hamilton's right-hand man at the Treasury, whose speculative activities led to a market crash in 1792" and Jay Gould "who helped cause a panic on Black Friday: Sept. 24, 1869." The walk costs $45 and apparently the demand "has been brisk." Still, there's always room for competition, and if one of you were to be interested in going up against Dinkelmann, who once had lunch with John Mack and thinks "Vikram Pandit is a strong man who knows how to make money...he's going to make a lot of money for Citigroup," here are some free ideas for stops:

The part of the Citi building Jamie D took a piss on after Sandy Weill made the worst decision of his career, the alley on Vanderbilt where Jimmy Cayne would buy his shit, and the massage parlor Alan Greenberg would frequent when he was in town, including an introduction to his favorite girl, who has agreed to discuss the fact that post HJ, she would send McG's spunk to Goldman Sachs, which would in turn have chemists analyze the samples to determine how elevated his testosterone levels were and if it would influence his policy-making. As jumping off points.