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Gasparino: Lloyd Blankfein Might Be Throwing Himself On The Mercy Of The SEC As We Speak

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Or he might do it after lunch. Maybe tomorrow (probably not though because Cinco de Mayo is taken very seriously at GS). Could be Friday. Possibly the week after next. It would be shocking if it didn't happen before Memorial Day but stranger things have happened. It's really hard to say because this is one of those situations that so fluid. Point it, odds are, it's going to happen sooner or later, most likely. Chaz reports:

People familiar with the matter say attorneys for the embattled Wall Street firm plan to initiate settlement talks soon after the firm releases its response to the SEC’s charges, and FOX Business has learned that Goldman may unveil that response imminently, possibly Tuesday. According to sources, Goldman continues to believe strongly that the SEC’s case is without merit, but the firm also does not want to go to battle with regulators. "We can't be going to war with the SEC," said one senior executive at the firm.