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Great News: You Can Buy That $300,000 Car Without Shame Now

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Ugh, the recession. How much of a bitch was that thing? People lost their jobs. Others lost their homes. You didn't get to buy luxury cars for fear of looking like a dick. Didn't see that private hell splashed all over the news but just because there were no rallies and only a handful of support groups doesn't mean the pain wasn't real. Oh god, those were some tough times. But guess what? Our long national nightmare is over! That Aston Martin Vantage Coupe? You can get it now!

Trader Craig Poler couldn’t hold out any longer. Browsing at the Miller Motorcars dealership in Greenwich, Connecticut, he spotted the $130,000 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe he had been dreaming about for months. “The second I saw it I knew I was going to buy it,” said Poler, 48, who trades oil and petroleum products. “I’ve wanted one for a long time, since I started seeing them in London when I went on business.” Poler, who chose a “deep, dark gray” 2010 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe, said although consumption isn’t back to where it was three years ago, people are becoming less reluctant to splash out on expensive cars and other luxury merchandise. “Some people were affected by the recession and others weren’t going to buck the trends in their social circles,” he said of the cutbacks. “Up until about six months ago you were an a-hole if you bought fancy toys.”

Now? You're all good! You want a Ferrari? Go for it. No one's gonna judge.

Waiting lists for Ferrari Californias and 458s are growing again, said Richard Koppelman from the Miller Motorcars dealership, explaining he’s sold out of the 458 and has a waiting list of 180 people. “People who still have jobs are saying that things didn’t get as bad as they could have been,” Koppelman said. “Earnings are good on Wall Street. People are getting tired of doing without and are saying, ‘Why not?’ Demand is definitely strengthening a lot.”

Things aren't totally back to where they were pre fan-hitting shit, though, so exercise a little restraint. Don't get all the bells and whistles. Hold off on springing for the add-on that adjusts the dash so that you can auto-fellate and still have your eyes on the road. Fine lines and all that jazz.


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