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Jim Cramer "Is Steering You Down The Path Of Ruin"

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This guy thought yesterday "was gonna be good." Wrong, guy! Now he wants to take it up with Jim Cramer, and you, the people who need to stop listening to JC, who is "part of the Illuminati" that is going to "bleed you dry like a slug."

For those of you unable to watch this video at work, here are the highlights, as chosen by me (please be forewarned, Crazy is a bit of Anti-Semite, but only at the very end, after he's already admitted to the likelihood he'll be thrown in a mental institution sooner rather than later.):

* Jim Cramer is setting you up for financial ruin

* DO NOT!!! listen to him at any costs

* DO NOT!!! listen to Jim fucking Cramer

* He is one of the elitists that was supposed to dredge your money into certain things they picked, and then they crashed it look what they just did it went down 900 and then back up-- they are testing the market as we speak


* How dare you fuck us over like that like that

* Wake up ladies and gentlemen-- they are fucking you, they are bleeding you dry like a slug

* You know what? No one ever listens to me with this stuff.

* I am telling you what's going on

* I may not be around here for that long-- someone may put me in a mental institutions, I'm not sure, my life's crazy like that.

* People think I'm mentally handicapped...but I'm not.

* Wake up ladies and gentlemen-- we have to freakin' fight this.

* I was just watching a beautiful movie-- that new Nightmare On Elm Street. I thought today was gonna be a good day.



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