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Joe Perella Wants You to Stop Whining About Higher Taxes

“I hope people wake up — America has to suck it up.” Mr. Perella said at a panel discussion on Wednesday hosted by Thomson Reuters. “The country is 40 percent overweight, Bloomberg tries to close down schools that turn out only 25 percent of the ‘products’ that work and he can’t, the budget is completely out of whack. None of this is going to get fixed if people aren’t willing to sacrifice.”

Perella Sounds Off On Taxes [NYT]


Dear Perella Weinberg Xerion Investors . . .

Dear Perella Weinberg Xerion Investors. We were down 4.23 percent net in May, but thank God for our short on the Euro. Still, it was an "anomaly" period. Also included: Dan Arbess' presentation at the Ira Sohn investment conference.

Crisis Commission Tells Goldman Sachs to Stop Delaying

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission slapped Goldman Sachs with a subpoena for documents and emails the bank has failed to turn over "in a timely manner," according to a press release from the Commission.