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Lloyd Wants You to Brag About Being a Goldman Client

Goldman Sachs held a conference call for clients of the private wealth management unit this afternoon.

Lloyd Blankfein was on the call, as were several journalists who were no doubt leaked the call-in number and not thrown off as they usually are. As expected, the entire call seemed to be a nice advertisement for Goldman with Lloyd repeating most of what he said on Charlie Rose last week. This quote from the call pretty much sums it up:

“We don't want people to just be happy to be with Goldman. We want them to be bragging.”

Tell that to IKB Deutsche Industriebank.


WSJ Columnist Joins Chorus of Pundits Calling for Lloyd’s Head

Echoing some other pundits out there, Wall Street Journal columnist David Weidner has now joined the crowd calling for Lloyd Blankfein to resign from Goldman.