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Mandy Drury Is "Absolutely" Going To Consider Coming On Our Field Trip To Stamford

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Though she's been a favorite around these parts for almost a year now, it wasn't until May 10 that Mandy Drury became a permanent member of the CNBC stateside team, an achievement which I've told you people I take an enormous amount of credit for. To celebrate this momentous occasion we decided it was high time to have a little chat about how things have been going so far.

Do you prefer to be called Mandy or Amanda?
Always Mandy. The only time I'm ever called Amanda is by my mother when I'm in big trouble.

Let's just get the crushing of Wall Street's dreams over with-- are you single?
Nope, I'm married.

This is going to kill them.
[Laughs] Sometimes you have to give them the cold hard truth.

Yup, two boys, 4.5 and 7.

How'd they take the move from down under?
The 4.5 year old doesn't really know what's going on but the 7 year-old was devastated. Finally I just had to resort to bribery. I said, FAO Schwartz- when we get there, anything you want.

You did a lot of filling in for CNBC stateside starting last summer but didn't officially make the move from CNBC Asia until May 10. Interesting timing, in that Charlie Gasparino by that time was safely divorced from the network and signed with Fox Business. Did you finally make the move knowing you wouldn't be assaulted by the scent of Drakkoir Noir?
[Laughs] Decisions was made totally unrelated to Charlie. Though I'm confident I could take him.

Are you enjoying Trish Regan and Larry Kudlow?
Love them. It's been fantastic. We get along really well as a team.

Have you socialized with them off the clock yet?
Not yet but I think we're all going to Larry's wife's gallery.

Let's get down to business- Vikram Pandit, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein. Who do you pick for your drinking game team, who has your back walking down a dark alley, who manages your money?
Can I swap in another name?

Okay, just this once.
I really would love to interview James Gorman, my fellow Aussie. I think he's from Melbourne, like me, and I just think he'd be a great interview.

Yeah it would. But back to the scenarios....focus.
Hmmm okay well I haven't measured all of them but I'd want the biggest, meatiest guy to have my back in a dark alley, so whoever that one is.

It's Jamie.
Okay, Jamie for that scenario. Um, my money...whoever has made the most for themselves and their firm.

Beelzebub. Lloyd.
And for drinking game ahh-- do I really look like a drinking games girl to you Bess?

Yeah! You're fun, you're the life of the party.
[Laughs] Oohh I don't know about that but I'm always up for a good wine-- a nice Napa Valley Shiraz.

I've been told Jamie Dimon has never done a keg stand. Something he needs to cross off the list. Just passing on information. Anyway, your Shiraz-- who are you sipping that with?
Ooh, I guess it'd be Gorman.

Gorman it is. I hope he calls you after this.
Me too!

Do you pick out your own clothes to wear on-air or is there a CNBC wardrobe department?
I pick out my own clothes. I don't know if management always approves of them!

Let's play word association. Goldman Sachs.

Jamie Dimon.


Oh it's like this sort of temporary construction designed to narrow the distance between two bodies on either side of a channel-- you know what, we can talk about it some other time...Where have you been hanging out? Any favorite spots yet?
I love love love Central Park. It's great. But I really just got here so I haven't done much exploring yet.

Do you read Dealbreaker?
Yes, we love Dealbreaker.

Do you read the comments?
[Laughs] Boys will be boys.

I announced a while back that there's going to be a DealBreaker field trip to Beamer's, Stamford's premiere strip club. If you haven't heard of it its cultural relevance to Wall Street North cannot be overstated. I got busy and it got put off but it really needs to happen in the next couple weeks. Are you coming with us?
I don't know how CNBC management would feel about that. But I'm absolutely going to think about it.


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