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Meanwhile, On Craigslist...

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A 27 year-old financial services employee named Keith has a special offer for a special lady. Want to live in a 2,000 square foot apartment with your own bathroom, large kitchen and spacious living room, for $300 a month? You can! If you’re “an attractive, slim and easy going woman,” 18-27 years old. There are no strings attached, only one requirement, which is that you walk around in your underwear.

Not all the time, and never at my command. It would be as if you lived alone and walked around in your underwear to run to the kitchen, bathroom, to watch TV…etc. I am at the tough part of career where I have 65 hour weeks to “pay my dues.” I am trying to add some excitement to my life. I know it makes no sense to put my pic on here if I want it to be confidential but I figured it was a necessary risk to take if I wanted solid reposes.

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