Morgan Stanley: This Is Not 'Nam, There Are Rules


Specifically ones related to "cube life," which according to this memo sent to employees, include not pulling a "prarie-dog," slurping, tapping your pen, having a heated conversation with your mother, or audibly breathing.

From: [Redacted at Morgan Stanley]
Subject: Cubicle Etiquette

As our team has grown and our space has become more populated, just a few reminders to basic guidelines for cubicle life.


· Never enter someone's cubicle without permission. Behave as though cubicles have doors and do not enter before you have eye contact "permission" from the occupant.

· Don't "prairie-dog" over the tops of cubes or peek in as you walk past each one.

· Don't loiter outside someone's cube while you wait for him or her to finish a phone call. Come back at another time.

· Never read someone's computer screen or comment on conversations you've overheard. Resist answering a question you overhead asked in the cube next to you.


· Try to pick up your phone after one or two rings. Set the ringer volume at a low level.

· Please do not use speaker phone at your desk. Use a meeting room for conference calls that require speaker broadcasting.

· Watch your volume when talking on the phone. A headset can help keep your voice low.

· When you leave your cubicle, turn your phone ringer off and let it go to voicemail or forward your phone number to your new location.

· Never leave your cell phone behind in your cube without first turning it off or to vibrate.

· With personal or sensitive calls, be aware that your neighbors can hear your end of the conversation.


· Use your "library voice".

· Don't talk through cube walls or congregate outside someone's cube. For impromptu meetings, go to a conference room or break room.

· Don't bring clients to your cube to meet with them. Go to an office or conference room.

· Don't yell across the "cube farm". Get up and move to the other person's location.

General Noise

· Use email or instant messaging to communicate silently with your coworkers.

· Set your PC volume to a low level or use a headset.

· Avoid gum-popping, humming, slurping and pen tapping.

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