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Oliver Stone: People Are Shelling Out $10,000 A Ticket To See Shia LaBeouf's Gucci Loafers

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At least that's what he claimed to Vulture on the eve of Money Never Sleeps premiering at Cannes.

What are you doing to relax before your movie premieres tomorrow?
[Laughs.] I'm trying to get tickets for people. "Friends." It's insane here. You know what a ticket's going for here on this film, on the black market? 8,000 Euros! That's about $10,000, I think … which is approximate, but still, amazing for a movie ticket.

It'd be kind of ironic if this film in particular sparked a dangerously volatile futures market.
It's a scalping thing. I heard we were the highest ticket at the festival. I had 25 "friends" call on the last day [before the film screened] to get in. That's a dilemma you can't get out of.

Stone also told the interviewer that though he had the chance to get Lloyd Blankfein's notes on the flick, he declined to screen it for the li'l fella, assuming he wouldn't like it, due to the criticism of "the banking class." Which I think it unfair! Would LB have opened the doors of 85 Broad and allocated multiple partner managing directors to give Shia an insider look at what life is like at GS (and what it takes to get hired at the place) if he wasn't looking forward to this thing?!

Have you shown the sequel to, say, Timothy Geithner or [Goldman Sachs CEO] Lloyd Blankfein?
No. I could have shown it to 'em, but I don't think that would be the crowd [to vet the film]. I'm talking about guys who work on the Street. You're talking about the elite of the elite. They're not going to like it. Blankfein is fighting for his life right now. They have a lot at stake here. Any kind of criticism — and he's obviously implicitly criticized in this, because the banking class is criticized, and criticizeable — he's not gonna go for it.