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Steve Cohen Finally Recognized For What We've Known All Along

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Steve Cohen is a master trader. Steve Cohen is a lover of art. Steve Cohen has revolutionized the way we look at fleece. Steve Cohen is the victim of a terrorist attack. Steve Cohen is (obviously) a golfer. Steve Cohen is a king. Steve Cohen is this. Steve Cohen is that. People say a lot of things about the grand high poobah of Stamford but you know what factoid about SC never gets mentioned?

The fact that Steve Cohen is AN AMERICAN HERO. That little oversight ends tonight, aboard the USS Intrepid.

The next Navy SEAL Warrior Fund Gala Dinner will take place May 6, 2010 aboard the USS Intrepid. We are thrilled to present at the dinner, the 2010 "Navy SEAL Patriot Award" to Steven and Alexandra Cohen who embody the spirit of the Navy SEALs with their steadfast and generous support for and devotion to those who serve and sacrifice so that we may live in our great country with all the freedoms we enjoy. The evening starts with a reception at 6:30 PM followed by dinner and a program at 7:30 PM. Tables of 10: $50,000*/ $25,000*/ $15,000 (Limited Availability) and Individual Ticket: $2,500 / $1,000.

And the fun doesn't stop there, particularly if you are a member of Team SAC Capital. In addition to tonight's awards dinner, SC's generosity is being rewarded in the form of four (4) Navy SEALS who will spend the summer in Stamford putting you bitches through the paces. I don't care how much money you made Steve last month. Can you bob for 5 minutes, float for 5 minutes, swim 100 meters, bob for 2 minutes, do some forward and backward flips, swim to the bottom of the pool and retrieve an object with your teeth, return to the surface and bob five more times? With your arms and legs tied the whole time? Are you familiar with the term "cold water conditioning" AKA "surf torture"? No one is exempt. Grab a raft.