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The Most Important Announcement Of The Day

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I'd like a show of hands-- who among us is looking to throw her/her office the best holiday party ever? I know what you're thinking-- we're quite a long ways away from the holiday party season. Which is a good thing, because what I'm about to tell you needs to be dealt with months in advance. In fact, I'm slightly worried that it's too late but if you get on the horn now it might be salvageable. To those of you who answered my question in the affirmative, nod along with me as we all agree that while food is important, as are celebrity waiters on the catering staff, music is essential to a successful soiree. You can't just have any old shit DJ or band. You need the finest talent money can buy, and for those of you on your ways to an extremely profitable year, I'm advising you now-- stop what you're doing and book this guy today.


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