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The Reverend Shows Up At the Goldman Annual Meeting

Amid protestors holding signs that read "Stop Hiding the Money" and "Transparency Now" the Rev. Jesse Jackson has stepped to the mic at the Goldman shareholder meeting in lower Manhattan.

The Reverend asks GS to put more consumers and labor leaders on the board. From the WSJ, which is live-blogging the event. 

More from Jackson: States are sinking, schools closing, record breaking home foreclosures, public transportation cut, public health cut, poverty expanding, unemployment rising. A more diverse board might appeal to you today.

Blankfein says he agrees with Rev. Jackson. "There is no success for Goldman Sachs unless the economy as a whole grows" and a wider divergence is not created, Mr Blankfein said.

"I couldn't agree with you more and we are committed in that direction," he says.

Annoying shareholder gadfly Evelyn Davis blasts Lloyd and calls him out for nepotism since the younger Blankfein works for the firm.

"A once great company is going to shame,'' she says. " If Hank [Paulson] had been here this would never had happened. She said she encouraged Mr. Paulson to become Treasury Secretary so she feels guilty.

"Are you going to step down by the end of the business day on Monday," Davis ask Blankfein point blank.

Blankfein: :I have no current plan to step down on Monday. There's a vote today on directors, and I am a director. in a couple hours we'll have a result of that vote in."


WSJ Columnist Joins Chorus of Pundits Calling for Lloyd’s Head

Echoing some other pundits out there, Wall Street Journal columnist David Weidner has now joined the crowd calling for Lloyd Blankfein to resign from Goldman.