There Are People Who Like Lloyd Blankfein


He signs their paychecks but, damn it, this still counts. (I love the li'l fella myself but chose to express my feelings in other ways, rather than making a big show of it.) Also, you will be pleased to hear that not unlike a certain Duke lacrosse squad, Team GS is banding together to prove they did nothing wrong and that bitch is full of shit. I mean...the SEC-- I mean--I -- I've said too much.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s employee morale remains good and Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein received a standing ovation from partners at an April 20 earnings call, analyst Brad Hintz told clients. According to the firm, “employees are pulling together like a team under pressure,” Hintz, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., wrote in a note to clients today after a meeting with five senior executives at Goldman Sachs. “The partnership has closed ranks, too, and at Goldman’s April 20, 2010, managing directors earnings call, Lloyd Blankfein received a standing ovation from his partners.”