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Three Words: Eliot Spitzer TV

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Just putting it out there. A little taste. You want it? This guy thinks we can make it happen, if we appeal to Spitzer's need to be heard.

First, though, we need a format. Ness likes to go after the bad guys so perhaps a Jerry Springer-esque show wherein he forces baby daddies to take responsibility for the seeds they hath planted. Something lighter? Some sort of variety show? Should he just take over for Larry King, about to turn 135, keeps the suspenders but drops the pants? American Gladiators, every week he takes the ring with someone he took down as AG. A hostile takeover of the Seacrest American Idol gig (one night, he just forces his way on set during a live show). Or hey! What about he takes over the second hour of Power Lunch (after the first goes to David Faber later this month) and hosts some sort of call-in LoveLine, dispensing advice to anyone on Wall Street wanting to know if they should be worried about a burning sensation when they pee? Dennis Kneale could screen calls and he could have a different celebrity from the world of finance each day helping field questions (Nouriel Roubini would be an incredibly easy sell, as would Lucas van Praag, and this kind of thing is totally in his wheelhouse). Anyway, the possibilities are endless and we're open to suggestions.